Friday, January 28


So my 21st birthday was this past Tuesday. Everyone calls it the big birthday, though I'm not sure why. Sure I can drink alcohol legally and rent hotel rooms, but it just didn't feel that big. That might have something to do with the fact I was still getting over the flu. The week has been so busy there has been no time to celebrate. As the semester progresses there is more homework and studying to be done. Hopefully my friends and I will get to celebrate this weekend! Responsibly of course.

Tonight is the 100 days celebration for seniors. It is 100 days til graduation! The seniors will have a night out with their friends to celebrate their impending graduation, but also remember the great times they've had at Fisher. I'm relieved I won't be graduating until next year! As an RA in Founders (a mostly senior resident's hall) I've talked to a lot of students about the hopes and fears that come along with graduation. Some are still uncertain about where they will go. Most are finding it hard to leave all their friends. Whatever worries the seniors have, I'm sure tonight will be full of great memories!


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