Friday, February 4


So now that it's been a few weeks I'm finally back in the swing of things. I also have a pretty good view on how the semester will progress according to work load and time commitment. This semester is going to be my most challenging yet, but I really like all my classes.

My favorite class is Ecology. Ecology is an elective course for Biology majors and fulfills one of the five elective requirements. The great thing about this class is that we actually get to see things we read about in text books! Ecology is the study of organismal interactions which, outside humans, can't really be seen in a classroom. For this reason our professor takes us out of the classroom and into nature to view the concepts we learn about.

Yesterday the Ecology class visited Mendon Ponds to learn about sampling from natural environments. Dr. Boller and our class of 11 students layered on tons of snow gear and took a bus out to the ponds. We walked across frozen ponds, cut ice blocks, took water samples, and even learned to use high-tech equipment to take readings on temperature and oxygen in the ponds. It was really fun to be able to actually do research while taking a class. I'm really excited to see what we do next week!!


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