Thursday, February 10

Hi everyone,

It has been extremely busy at school with the semester almost half through. I wanted to just tell you a little about our service learning program at Fisher.

This semester I am enrolled in three service learning classes. One is a technology course, a diversity course, and an education course. Each class requires the students to complete a project for a client whether it is a family or an agency within the community. There are many different programs at Fisher that incorporate service learning into their curriculum. On top of the projects some courses require service hours to be completed. At the end of the semester you must give a presentation to a panel of people regarding the project you completed for the client throughout the semester.

So far this has been an incredible learning experience. I have learned a lot in my courses but also in the community. If you ever have an option to take a service learning course I would highly recommend it!

Talk to you next week!


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