Monday, October 24

Hey everyone! This past week has been great at Fisher and, as always, there are so many things going on. This past week the Biology department had a really cool lecture take place called the Loss Lecture. It was about how scientists have recently been experimenting with "Mighty Mouse." They talked about taking normal mice and comparing them with mutated mice based on different DNA sequences. The lecture was so interesting to listen to and on top of that, we got extra credit for going to something everyone wanted to be at anyway.

Last night Haffey Hall had a Sunday night pasta dinner. It was so much fun because a whole group of people from the dorm walked down together and ate. Everyone sat at a long table and ate as much delicious Wegmans pasta and bread as we wanted; it was like a big family.

Another exciting thing that is happening is Halloween! The Halloween spirit is really getting big here! Last week RSA (Resident Student Association) took people on a haunted hayride for FREE! The hayride was so scary with the haunted house to finish ther terror. A whole bus full of people attended and it really seemed to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. There will also be door decorating, reverse trick or treating, and a Halloween party in Murphy Hall later this week just to get everyone excited. The dining hall has been serving candied apples and hot apple cider. Yum! The dining hall is going to participate in campus trick or treating on Halloween along with the library. I can't wait to bob for apples and watch Harry Potter in the Campus Center Mainstage.

A final thing that is going on this week at Fisher is Breast Cancer Awarness. Every night this week around 9:30 there will be some kind of even going on to support, including bracelet making, free pink feather hair extensions, pink pancake night, and pink tie dye. And now it is time to make pink pancakes!

Talk to you next week,


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