Wednesday, October 19

My New Best Friend…College!

Finishing up senior year of High School with all the power and rank in the world is not exactly something I planned on giving up right away. Honestly though, sometimes getting to start over in College is the best way to do it. If you can do something once, then you should have no doubt in yourself that you can do it again.

I won’t lie; I was terrified to move away from my small town and my close knit group of girlies. Everyone knew my name, and I was largely a part of the Student Congress at school. I cried the entire hour and fifteen minute drive to St. John Fisher with my family trying really hard to console me in any way they could. St. John Fisher has all of the things I could have dreamed of out of a College, like small class sizes, amazing food, and of course a Ski Club; however the adjustment got the best of me.

When I reached my destination though the story began to change. Immediately Freshmen Orientation prepared me for the new experiences and anxieties so many freshmen had gone through before me. They kept us busy with really interesting programs, like BINGO and very useful information sessions. Is it bad that I think of BINGO as interesting? Well, it is when someone on your floor wins the Wii. Anyway, at the end of the day it was my parents that looked like the crybabies, while I couldn’t wait to get back into my dorm room to gab away with my new roommate. Even now I am still working my way back up to where I was, but already I am a member of Students with a vision, play volleyball on Wednesday nights, and I am a Student Ambassador that gives tours to incoming freshmen. Yeah, I thought I was busy before! HA!

Until next time…..Have a great day!

-- Lindsey

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