Thursday, October 20

Hey Everyone!

So this week at Fisher has been considerably less busy for me than last week! My mid-terms are all finished and I must say they went pretty well, which takes a load off my shoulders. It has also been a really good week considering it is after a 3-day weekend which I felt was quite a refresher from school work. Unfortunately it rained all weekend but I still found many things to do. I actually went to go see the new movie, Money Ball which is actually a much better movie than I expected and I definitely recommend watching it!

Last night, Pre-Law association (which I am Vice-President of) put on a Justinian Reception. It was a real success. It is the second year we have done it. Basically, it is a reception for Fisher's Justinian Order which is basically a group of Fisher Alumni that work in the legal field who basically focus on helping all of the current Fisher students. They are so helpful with internships, donations, and whatever else we need them for! The reception is such a great time to network with all these people. Last year and this year, I met so many new Alums who are now judges and attorneys which is really exciting because they always say to contact them if I need anything. The Justinians give so much in donations towards the Fisher Mock Trial Team which I am coordinator of this year. Last year, the team's first year, they donated over $1800 to the Fisher Mock Trial Team!!!!! I still can't believe they were able to donate such a large amount. It is so appreciated. But I guess that's one thing I love about Fisher. Fisher Alums create such a great networking system to start off an undergrad! Gives me so much encouragement that I can do it too!!!

Well anyways, I better do some work so I have less for the weekend! So until next time....


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