Monday, October 24


[from Friday 10/21]

As everyone knows this was the DREADED mid-term week. Boo so scary…well not really if you take the time to prepare. That is why the third floor of the library is where it’s at. Pure quiet. This week was definitely chaotic because I had multiple exams to study for. This can be so overwhelming if you don’t have time management skills. I made sure I took time to look over everything equally without burying myself in work. I feel really confident in my performances and so much stress has been relieved now that they are all over!

Now I have nothing but the weekend to look forward too. I am really excited because my friend is visiting from Ithaca and picking me up. Sushi date! On Saturday I’m planning on taking the shuttle to Eastview Mall with a group of my friends. I love how easy it is for us students to get off campus and do something fun in the “real world”. Eastview is a really nice mall and since I’m not too far from home maybe I will even see someone I know!

Something I am also really excited for in the near future is registering for spring classes. I’ve never done this before so I am kind of nervous but I am willing to fight to have no more 8am classes. I am not what you might call a “morning person” unless you consider a morning person to be someone who gets up 5 minutes before classes start in the morning, looking like a zombie (good thing it is almost Halloween).

Speaking of… I know next weekend there will be a lot to do with Halloween coming up! Harry Potter 7 part 2 is playing which I’m definitely gonna see.

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