Friday, October 28

WOO we are finally past the 6 week mark! Midterms are over and finally everyone can breathe again. EXHALE. This week was really important for me because I learned about registering for spring classes in my Freshman Seminar Class. I took a lot of AP classes in high school (yes they are actually worth it! Who knew right?!) so a lot of my core requirements are already covered which I didn’t even know! This week was really fun in preparation for Halloween! My floor (Haffey 3) had an intense door decorating contest and people went ALL out. The top 3 winners at the end of the week get their pic from a lot of different cool prizes too! You get to show some spirit, be creative, and get free stuff….I’d call that a win win situation.

Here is my view when I open my door each day (compliments to Sarah and Aidan)

Speaking of Halloween, I am really looking forward to this weekend where I plan on watching a lot of scary movies with my friends and on the actual day going to the dining hall for the haunted/Halloween decorated dinner! I can only imagine it will look awesome in there! I hope everyone has a FUN safe Halloween weekend!

Until next time…

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