Tuesday, November 15

Hello Everybody!

This weekend I am traveling to UCONN to visit some Huskies (too funny, I know)! But anyway, I am really excited to be attending our regional conference representing RSA. What is RSA you ask? RSA stands for Resident Student Association, and our goal is to create a great environment for resident students to thrive and enjoy their time living on campus. As one of the biggest clubs on campus, we try to recruit members all the time. If you are looking for a position with commitment you could represent your building as an area representative in our General Council (General Council is made up of area representatives from all of our residential communities on campus), and if you are looking for a lower level of commitment just come and be a part of what we like to call the “Peanut Gallery”! As President of RSA here at Fisher, I am always looking to have motivated and dedicated people join our RSA family. If RSA does not seem like the right fit for you…check out any of Fisher’s amazing clubs and student organizations. We have over 75 clubs on campus, and that number grows every year. Do we not have the club you want to join? Then make it! Students create clubs here all the time, this is your college experience - make it what you want!

Talk to you all next week!


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