Wednesday, December 14

Hey All,

So I have found myself super stressed during finals week, as all students are, and hence I find myself eating a lot. My friends and I have noticed that we eat like absolute crap during finals week. We take the excuse “Oh, it is finals week, go to the gym next week”. I figured some tips on how to stay healthy at Fisher would be helpful so once you get here you aren’t over at Fishbowl grabbing late night every day.

1. Head to the salad bar first. Haffey/ Ward has a huge salad bar, and if you fill up on healthy veggies first then you will be less hungry for all the other yummy foods.

2. Avoid the dessert station. Oh my god…how can something so good be so bad? Treat yourself to a dessert item once a week not every day.

3. We have a gym? Yes!!!! The gym is an awesome place to release some energy and get focused. The gym has great hours, so there is a time for every person to go when it suits them best. Try to work out for at least a half hour a day!

4. Fishbowl or Cardinal? Fishbowl is like the devil on your shoulder, while Cardinal is the angel. Fishbowl should be a special treat once in a while. Cardinal has much healthier options, and their smoothies are awesome!

5. Eat breakfast! Breakfast will help curb your appetite for the entire day, and it will give your brain some extra energy!

Hopefully with these five helpful tips you will all stay a little healthier at Fisher!

Talk to You All After Break!!!! Wahooo!


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