Monday, December 12

Hey Guys!!

That last week of the semester is finally here and I have honestly never been so busy. There are so many things to do and it seems like there just isn’t enough time. You can tell it's finals week because the library is packed. There is not a single table available on all three floors and people are all around campus studying. Also, this weekend campus was packed. The library is left open until 2am during finals week to study and it seems like some people just live there. Going from high school to college, tests are a huge adjustment. In college you are being tested on 5 or 6 chapters at a time where as in high school the test is on just one chapter. This requires a lot more studying, but throughout the course of your first semester you will get used to the change. Studying with other people is really helpful as long as you are studying with people who don’t distract you. Especially with nursing courses, it is helpful to have a study group so you can talk things out. Hearing someone else’s perspective on a situation is a lot of times really helpful and makes things easier to understand.

With finals week comes a ton of stress and you need to remember that this is normal, but you should really take breaks in between studying because that way you can reenergize yourself and not get too overwhelmed. It is also helpful to not save studying until the night before. Start studying a couple days in advance so you can study a little at a time instead of a whole semesters worth of work in one night. Just remember that this week of craziness and stress will all pay off in the end when you do well on your finals. Good luck with everything! Enjoy the holidays and your break from school!


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