Tuesday, January 24

Hey everyone!

The past two weeks, going on three have been really great. Everyone is pretty used to their new classes and I personally like my schedule so much. It's nice that second semester I could pick the exact classes I wanted to take and the times, too. The days that I planned for the week fit my routine for getting extra help from professors going to the SLC fitness center, and doing my homework at a respectable hour. I am no one to be doing homework late at night. It's really nice that everyone is able to form their days the way they want them.

There have been a lot of events going on at Fisher since we have all been back, too. Fisher's classes started earlier than most but many people were excited to come back anyway and start the new semester. Last Thursday, there was another Involvement Fest. The clubs and student organizations on campus are looking for new students to join with the new semester. There are prizes to win and new people to meet. I won a free Relay for Life shirt by simply spinning a wheel and landing on it. Last Friday there was a trip to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for only $4. This weekend, there is a trip to Rock Ventures where people will spend the day indoor rock climbing with RSA. People are getting excited for the Winter Gala that is happening soon. Since I am a Freshman, I have never been but people say that it is a lot of fun and that I should bring a group of my friends and go check it out. The Gala is a fashion show, semi-formal dinner, and an after party.

For all of you that visited Fisher at the Open House this past weekend, thank you so much for your visit and interest. We hope to see you again and hope you enjoyed your experience here. Overnight visits are happening this semester along with more Open Houses and tour days. Hope to see you soon!


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