Thursday, February 16

 Another week is almost over, man how time flies!! Last weekend we went to Paris, like I mentioned in my previous blog! It was fabulous! We woke up early on Friday morning and jumped on the Eurostar…which is a high speed train that only takes 2 hours to get from London to Paris. I slept the entire time; my awesome friends took pictures of me drooling on the train, nice friends right! When we got there, we checked into our hotel and then met up for a Boat Tour on the Seines River. We got to see all the sights from the River! It was pretty cold out so I’m glad the boat was enclosed. After that we got CREPES! My first official crepe in FRANCE!! Crepes are my favorite food so I was pretty excited about this :) After we devoured our delicious crepes we went out to a fancy dinner where they only spoke French! (I took Spanish in high school, so I’m glad some of the friends I was with knew some French) Dinner was delicious so after that we went back to the hotel and crashed early because we were all tired and had to wake up early the next day!

The next day we woke up and had breakfast and then had a bus tour of Paris. It was fun! We got to see all the top sites like the Eiffel Tower! I probably took more than 50 pictures of the Eiffel Tower hahaha! After the bus tour we explored the Louvre! The Louvre is the biggest museum in the world, and had so much to see! Obviously we saw the Mona Lisa, Venus De Milo, and all the other main tourist attractions! The next day we explored Notre Dame. It was gorgeous!! I loved it and was so impressed. Then we strolled around and ended up in a mini market with shops and cafes. I swear I never stopped eating, the food in Paris was so delicious! 

As much fun as Paris was I am glad to be back in London!! (Feels like home :) )



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