Friday, February 24


It has been a gorgeous week! The temperature has been in the high 50s and yesterday it was actually 60 degrees! It is so much prettier in London when the sun is out! My roommate and I went for a run in Hyde Park; it was the first time I’ve exercised since I have been here so I’m pretty out of shape! But nonetheless it felt awesome. Everyone was walking around with their dogs and it was a lively experience. I can’t wait for it to be warmer on a daily basis so we can do homework in the park!

This past week for my class History of London we got to see the Tower of London and two different Churches: St Bartholomew and St John’s Priory. The Tower of London was awesome and is actually the place where St John Fisher was executed. We got to see the torture chamber (Bloody Tower), the crowned jewels, and the White Tower. The White Tower was changed into a museum filled with the King’s apparel and such. I loved it!!! They also have this story of how ravens have to occupy the area because if they fly away it is said that the Tower will fall. I think visiting the Tower of London has been my favorite place so far! The churches were beautiful as well, and it was interesting to see how they were built with the Norman structure. I lit a couple candles in St Bartholomew’s church for some of my deceased loved ones. It was peaceful.

It is crazy to think that Spring Break is in two weeks, and I have so much to get done before it! Midterm week is next week and I’m a little nervous! I also have to write an entire paper before Spring Break because it is due the day we get back….ugh! Well I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!



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