Thursday, February 23

Hello everyone,

What a week! I had a midterm on Wednesday for my comparative politics class. I studied so hard and it seemed like there was so much material to go over but once I got to the test, it was like I knew everything! It was such a relief. I have another midterm next week. It is nice to have a little break in between tests.

Yesterday, we presented Dr. Bain, our College's President, with the Spirit Award we won at the Mock Trial Competition. He loved it. At this meeting we also proposed to him that we should place a bid to host Mock Trial Regionals at our school for 2014, which would be my senior year. It would have to be that year because you have to put in the bid over a year in advance. He was really excited about that idea and said he would support us and help us in any way. I am really excited to possibly have it at our school because it would help our Legal Studies program grow that much more! It has already grown so much since my years at Fisher that I can just imagine how much it will grow after I am gone! For anyone interested in Legal Studies, Fisher is the place to be because you recieve so much experience and so much support from all the Justinians. I hope we get the bid and are able to have it at Fisher!

Well only one more week until spring break! I am excited! Talk to you next time....

*Kate :)

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