Wednesday, February 22

Teddi Dance for Love, Best Experience Ever

How many times can you say that you have danced for 24 hours straight? Unless you have attended the Teddi Dance for Love at St. John Fisher College, then the answer to this question is probably never! I know that was my answer until this past weekend. You think that this would be easy, but I will assure you my friends you truly find out the kind of person you are after hours go by without sleep. You know what the one thing that keeps you going is? IT IS THE KIDS! These stories of kids that have fought cancer, and have lost the heart-felt battle is what keeps you on your toes, literally. You want to do this, because they never had the chance to.

Not only can you dance, but you also compete, you eat great food, you sing, and even ZUMBA! I won CDs by singing a country song during country hour. Woohoo! You would never even imagine the amount of things you can do by cutting sleep out of the daily routine. I’m not only proud of myself for this awesome weekend of fun, but I am so proud that a school as small and as private as St. John Fisher raised over $200,000. That is huge for the kids at Camp Good Days! An even better story that kind of follows along with Teddi is that this has brought so many people together. In my service class there was a couple that came in to talk about the Teddi Dance for Love’s message that actually met at the Teddi Dance for Love. Love does come from a 24 hour dance and from the little girl that this dance remembers. Love comes in the most unexpected places.

Take that little note with you…….Later!!!! 


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