Sunday, February 12

Hi Guys!

I had a great week and I got to do some cool things that I wanted to share with you. As I told you previously, I’m a Nursing major. With my major comes a lot of requirements that I have to fulfill in order to pass my classes and be able to graduate; one of those requirements are clinicals. Each semester I am put in a group with 6 or 7 other Nursing majors that are the same year as me (junior second semester) and a clinical instructor that comes with us to the hospital each week. With my clinical instructor and group we are placed on a unit in a hospital where, with the guidance of our clinical instructor, we take care of patients and get a lot of great clinical experience. This semester I am at Highland Hospital, but other groups are at other teaching hospitals like Strong Memorial or Rochester General. These clinical experiences are great because I am a hands-on-learner, so I get to actually do what we are learning in class and I also get to talk to my patients and they teach me a ton! Another part of the nursing requirement is completing simulation lab hours. This semester I have 3 simulation labs days that I have to complete and I just had my first lab day yesterday. We have a simulation lab where the mannequins have a heartbeat, they breathe, they have a pulse, they bleed, one can give birth and they can also talk to you. Going into my first simulation lab yesterday I was a little nervous because I did not know what to expect, but it was honestly a great experience. I got to care for a patient as if I was really a nurse and I got feedback after the lab that will really help not only with being a nurse, but it will also help me understand concepts better in the classroom. If any of you are considering coming to Fisher for their Nursing program you should really consider coming to visit. Seeing our labs and talking with the professors in the Program will give you a realistic look at the program and it will be extremely beneficial. Being a Nursing major requires a lot of hard work and time, but it is all worth it in the end.

Have a great week!!


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