Thursday, February 9

Reporting from London!

It’s been another hectic week! Things never seem to slow down here, which is awesome! This week was even busier because it was my birthday on Tuesday! I turned 21 in London!!! It was pretty great…my friends made sure it was a good day! I only have classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays so that’s pretty much why I am so busy in the beginning of each week. But my weekend technically starts on Thursdays which is incredibly awesome. I am taking 15 credits, 5 classes. I enjoy them but I can’t slack off too much :) I already have a midterm on Monday which is crazy because I’m leaving for Paris tomorrow for the weekend! (So I don’t really know when I will study….hm…) I have never been to France and I am so excited to visit! Honestly, I’m looking forward to eating a real crepe the most!! No just kidding, I am super excited to visit the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre…to see the Mona Lisa. Our school is giving us a ton of free time to explore Paris as well so that should be fun.

I am taking a class called the History of London, where we travel to a bunch of different museums around London. So far we have been to the Museum of London, the British Museum, and the Museum of London Docklands. They are all very interesting and focus on different aspects. We also have to travel to them by ourselves so it is definitely an adventure! I also had my first presentation (since I’ve been here) in that class this past week. I was nervous but I think it went well! It was on Alfred the Great, who was super important to London. See, I’m learning lots!!! I hope you all have a great weekend, I’ll tell ya all out Paris next week!!!!

Cheers :)

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