Tuesday, February 28

How's Everyone Doing?

Maybe it is because I am a bookworm, but I feel like the Library has not gotten much love through blogging! I do not know why because Lavery Library is by far the best library in existence. I do not know if it is all the friendly staff who work there, the yummy treats they give us during finals week, or the all the resources, but it is definitely great!

Fisher's library holds some pretty amazing collections, which are really cool and interesting. It holds "The Book of Kells”, which is a Latin Version of the New Testament, transcribed by monks over 1000 years ago. SJFC has book number 765 of 1480 books worldwide...pretty cool, right? We also have many things written by Fredrick Douglass because he spent many years in Rochester during the abolitionist movement. The North Star was Frederick Douglass' Paper, and Lavery Library has original copies of 147 of these influential newspapers.

Fisher also has eight great librarians, and each of them is assigned a specific School at the College for help with research. Therefore, students in all academic areas at Fisher have a specific librarian they can turn to when trying to do research for a specific class and/or project. If the librarians are not available to help you at that specific time... don't worry! We have a program at Fisher called "Ask 24/7". If a Fisher librarian is not available, you can simply go online and type your question in a chat box that is linked to the Lavery Library website page, and a librarian from somewhere else in the country will answer your question for you! It is awesome, and very helpful for those late nights when you have a random question at 3am!

I love the Library, as most students do at Fisher! Make sure you get familiar with it freshman year because it becomes more and more helpful as you progress through your degree!

Talk to you all soon!


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