Tuesday, February 28


I am in a fabulous mood because there are only five days until Spring Break!!!!! I think the whole campus is ready for some time off. However, with break quickly approaching that means housing applications are due for next semester already! This semester is flying by, and it seems weird to be thinking so far ahead already. Curious how housing works at Fisher? Well, hopefully I can give you the inside scoop!

Freshman year is AWESOME! You can get placed in one of three buildings: Murphy Hall, Ward Hall, or Haffey Hall...they are all fabulous. Your roommates are chosen based on the learning community your put in, as well as your preference form. Be honest on the preference forms people! If you are sloppy, be proud and own that sloppiness! Fisher is a judgment free zone! I lived in Murphy Hall my first year, and I miss it! I am still best friends with all the girls I lived with on our hallway.

After freshman year you get to pick where you want to live. Housing is based on credits here at Fisher. The more credits you have, the better housing number you get. There is a "tier system". Essentially, however many credits you have places you within a certain tier...within that tier you will receive a random housing number...and based on that housing number you will receive a day and time that you can pick your housing preferences.
The upper class residential communities include: Dorsey, Michaelhouse, Murray, Keough, and Founders. Right now I live in Keough, and it is beautiful! I love my room. My roommate and I have plenty of space, and we have our own bathroom. We will be applying to live in Founders for next semester. Founders is the "Ritz Carlton" of college housing (it is nice... if you did not get my joke lol). The rooms are quads, and therefore there are two bedrooms, a common living room area, and a bathroom.
All the buildings at Fisher are incredibly well kept, and quite spacious! You really have nothing to worry about. These photos are of my actual room right now, so I can prove that I am not lying to you lol! Come check them out for yourself!



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