Wednesday, February 29

Who is your girlfriend’s favorite magician?

Well, I met him at an SAB event right here at St. John Fisher College. Not only that, but I got to go up on stage with him while he performed a magic trick. Do you know why he is your girlfriend’s favorite magician? It’s not the long brown hair or the dashing smile. It’s because he says he knows what women want. I must say he had me believing him when he handed out chocolate to the first girl he called on to help him out with a magic trick. Chocolate is definitely high on the list, up there with massages and flowers, coming from a pro herself. I have seen so many cool things at Fisher, like a comedian, the Truman Brothers, and a star from Ghost Hunters International. This magician is something that I have never seen before, and he offered tricks that kept the crowd, both girls and guys, laughing for hours. SAB does a great job of changing things up with activities. I am still wondering how he got the twenty dollar bill into the orange that as tied up in a bag the entire time he was eating the twenty dollars. Sometimes, you just have to acknowledge talent when you see it. Oh, and to put the cherry on top of one delectable evening, my friend and won two of the baskets in the raffle that night. Yup, clubs like to not only give you entertainment but also chances to win awesome prizes, like a Fisher blanket, gift cards, and Fisher t-shirts for free as long as you attend some of their events. Hey, free entertainment and free raffle tickets are hard to find in the real world, and that is why Fisher is the place to be.

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