Thursday, March 1

Hey Everyone!

I can't believe it's March already and we get out of school at the end of April! It seems like this semester is flying by. I am pretty excited though because tomorrow is the start of Spring Break! It is going to be so great to go home after being at school since January 11th! I can't wait to see my family and all my friends from home. Not to mention, it will be a nice break from school work. I just have to finish up a take home midterm tonight, revise a draft of an essay, pack, and go to two classes tomorrow and I am homeward bound! So weird. 

What is quite weird still for me is to think that this is my "spring break." In high school this would have been mid-winter break. It is so nice but strange to think that in two months, I will be out on summer vacation! It is such a great feeling because that means four months of full-time work and saving money! By the end of the summer though, I am always ready to come back. It is still nice though, to get away from school for a few months. Jumping ahead of myself though, I still have a couple months until summer break.

This spring break I am hoping to get a lot of stuff in one week. I need to catch up with family and friends. I need to get some hours in at work to add some more money to my savings. I am also hoping to do some significant reading. I do so much reading for school work when classes are in session that I have a lot less time for leisure reading. So I am hoping to finish a couple of books I have started as well as start a couple new ones. I think it will be a very productive break!

Well I hope everyone has a great couple of weeks! Until next time...

*Kate :)

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