Monday, March 5


I really enjoy having my weekends here start on Wednesday night! This means that I have Thursdays and Fridays off! It gives me more time to just explore all the city of London has to offer! I am proud to say that I can officially ride the tube (the underground subway mode of transportation over here!) by myself without having a freak out that I will get lost! It is so easy to use because everything is so easily marked. I think I am better at directions over here than in Rochester! Just kidding but the experience is definitely helping me! My friends and I will just hop on the tube and explore random areas; it’s a lot of fun!!

The best thing about being in a new country is the changes in the menu and food that is offered/”traditional”. I am proud to say that I have developed a much better palette for different food!! Before I came here anyone would attest to me being the pickiest eater ever, but I have changed! I always try everything now! The most difficult thing for me so far is the spicy food, unfortunately, I can’t really handle spicy food. I want to like it because everything is spicy! I have had the traditional fish and chips, bangers and mash, and pub grub! I surprisingly like it all! I’m not going to lie, I miss Fisher food every day though! We easily have the best dining hall ever and I definitely miss it being over here!!

This weekend is going to be all studying and doing homework :) Next week is midterm week so I have two huge tests and a paper due. So my weekend will be me in the library for most of it! I hope everyone has a better weekend than me! Get out and enjoy the weather!



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