Wednesday, February 8

Valentine’s Day Coming Right Up!

How many people actually like celebrating Valentine’s Day? I am here to change your opinion if your answer to that question was NO ONE. Talking to a lot of friends on and off of the floor I live on, there were mixed feelings about this day of love. Yes, it is true that people should always show their love for one another, but for me I see it as a day to really notice all of the love around you. Go into a restaurant and look at all of the couples gazing into each other’s eyes. You may go alone or with a group of girls, but what you should know is that at least love and all of that mushy crap exists. If you don’t have a significant other, then celebrate your love for your mom, your dog, your friend, or even yourself. Valentine’s Day can be a day that you buy treats, like chocolates and other goodies, for yourself. You deserve it just as much as the next corny person around that sees Valentine’s Day as something to enjoy no matter what. Crying at a good love movie is just as good with a group of pals as with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Guys this does apply to you too! There are plenty of tissues to go around.

For all of my dear friends that take Valentine’s Day as insulting and a mockery of their confidence, just wait. I am planning on sending them all flowers so that they know someone does love them. Sure, of course it is corny, but what is so wrong with being corny? The rest of my day will be spent with SWAV (Students with a Vision) at a Sweetheart Ball at the Friendly Home. I want to not only make my friend’s change their mind about a day that is more than just something that the card companies invented, but I also want to learn from the elderly about how they take these celebrations another way to celebrate life. I will bet with or without a partner they will all be wearing their finest and dancing to whatever music comes on the music system that night. I couldn’t think of a better place to be then with a bunch of happy people on Valentine’s Day. Happiness is key :) !

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