Wednesday, February 1

Who said girls cannot play sports?

Today, St. John Fisher College is celebrating the National Association of Girls and Women in Sports that has honored and encouraged female athletes. I bet no one can guess how though. Not only are there t-shirts being worn around campus with words representing qualities of female athletes, but professors are teeter tottering, yes I said teeter tottering in the center of one of the main buildings. I don’t know how many other colleges raise money for a cause like this, but HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I know that I wanted to hop on in on the action, but I knew that it was not my turn. Instead, I simply dropped my dollar into the donation box and went to eat lunch. These professors looked like they were ten again on the playground at school. One guy didn’t even have to lift his feet off the ground to lift the other professor on the other side. I sure wish I had that ability when I was ten on a teeter totter, so that I could have avoid being catapulted like boulders in battle. 

Besides the awesome way that the campus decided to honor this day and raise money to support it, think about how important celebrating something like this is. I don’t play sports in college, but some time ago women wouldn’t have even been able to go to college let alone play sports at one. Even playing high school sports, there was always this stereotype abut female athletes. I never cared, because I can’t imagine my life without sports. Today I am thankful for all the brave souls that saw this as a worthy cause and were not afraid to be the first to step out of the “norm.” Opportunities in sports are popping up everywhere, even at St. John Fisher College. There are new sports for both females and males at the club, intramural, and varsity levels. Thank you Fisher and thank you professors for making this day and this cause something that matters.

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