Thursday, February 2

Hello again!

What a crazy week it is. Between homework, mock trial and my other responsibilities, I have been quite busy. Mock Trial is a lot right now because we have an invitational this weekend at U of R and then our regional competition at UB next weekend. It was weird because the other day someone was like "competition? for mock trial?" That really threw me off because I never realized how many people don't understand what it is. Basically we get a case at the beginning of the school year and have to prepare a prosecuting and defense side as attorneys and witnesses. We go to competition in February in which our prosecution plays their defense in front of a judge and vice versa. There is a whole point system, awards, winners, and everything. It is actually a really fun time if you are looking to be a lawyer, actor, or even just interested in it. So anyways, I have a lot of memorizing to do because I am doing the opening for the defense team as well as a direct and cross plus I am also a witness for the prosecution so that's even more to memorize. But really it is a lot of fun!

I can't believe we are already in February. I was looking at one of my syllabi and saw that I have a midterm in like three weeks! That's going to come so quickly. After that, the weeks are going to fly even faster and before we know it, it will be summer. I am trying not to rush it though because as everyone keeps telling me, I will probably miss college once I leave it, just like high school. So I hope to enjoy my years here. Well I hope everyone has an amazing week. I will let you know next week how we do in the invitational at U of R.

Until next time....

*Kate :)

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