Wednesday, October 31

It's Tuesday morning after the big Frankenstorm yesterday that hit the east coast fairly hard late last night.  Luckily though, Fisher wasn't hit all that hard and everyone on campus is safe.  We are full steam ahead here!  And with that, I face a long, but fun, Tuesday filled with work and four classes.  Despite this long day, I really love Tuesdays the most.  I get to spend the whole day with basically the same group of peers traveling from class to class together.  That's one of the awesome benefits of being in the School of Education.  We work in a block scheduling system for classes.  Throughout the program the same group of students stick together, which builds really strong connections, and is nice for knowing exactly who you can go to for help on homework.  We've got a little wind left from the after-effects of Super Storm Sandy, but it's time to brave it our Fisher-style and start the day.


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