Monday, October 29

Wednesday 10/25/12

The highlight of my day was that I had lunch with the president of
the college, Dr. Bain. I am the Student Government Association
President and am a part of the President Student Advisory Board
(PSAB). PSAB is about 17 students who get to meet with Dr. Bain
several times a year to talk about issues here on campus. It is a
great experience to get to hear the schools perspectives on things
here on campus and the meeting is always very informative for both

Later that day I was out in a school fulfilling my service learning
portion of my class. I’m an education major and for one of the classes
we work with a local organization. The organization could be a school,
transitional program, or something else in the education field. It’s a
great experience because we get to put the content we learn about to
use and practice with students!


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