Friday, October 26

“You Did What?”

When I tell people that I went to Seneca Falls last weekend for a Dialogue revolving around women’s rights in today’s society at the site of the Declaration of Sentiments this is normally the response I get from Professors, peers, and family. I have become even more proud of my accomplishments now that I get this reaction, because I have taken advantage of one of the endless and different opportunities that St. John Fisher College offers to students. The key is to take advantage of them when possible!

As far as what the actual weekend consisted of I can give a little bit of a summary. Two groups from Fisher gave presentations to an audience during the different sessions on Saturday afternoon. My group’s theme consisted around Womanifestas, or creative documentation of our beliefs concerning an issue or many through the feminist lens. We each performed poems, acrostics, and key points from a paper that fell into this category. This may sound boring to people that were not in the audience, but as the saying goes you don’t really know until you have tried it yourself. So many of these issues and topic lit fires under audiences to discuss this from their own personal experience and perspectives that I thought we were going to be there all day just discussing the content. It was truly amazing from a student’s perspective being able to discuss and enlighten people older, better known, and more educated in the subject matter. There was a mutual respect there.

This message’s advice is meant for everyone too not just those interested in Women and Gender Studies! Seneca Falls is a historical park for a reason, and St. John Fisher was able to take me to this place with such historical significance that I felt bad that I didn’t have enough time to explore every single little corner of that town. The food was great, the people were friendly, and the relaxed schedule of events even allowed for us to go exploring Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s house, the Women’s Hall of Fame, the site where Stanton first met Anthony, and the list is goes on and on. My feet hurt at the end from all of the walking, but I had to see it all to get the most out of the amazing experience that St. John Fisher College had opened up the doors for me to experience. This is only one example, and I can bet there are hundreds more just like this!

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