Friday, November 30

Day of Celebration

I helped to set up for the Day of Celebration today, and I was absolutely blown away by how elaborate and amazing Cleary Auditorium looked toward the end of the setup! Day of Celebration is an event held annually on campus that is all-day and it showcases holiday celebrations from different cultures, races, ethnicities, religions, and so on. Throughout the event they are having a Kwanzaa Dinner Ceremony, an Indian Fashion Show, Santa, Panama Dance Group, and of course free food to name a few things! Tables are covered in the colors of various countries, there are murals of different symbols that represent different traditions, and the atmosphere is very festive and exciting. I never knew how much work, effort, and time went into this event, but now I do since I helped with set up. SGA, the Diversity Club, and many other clubs put in a lot of effort to make this event beneficial for the campus and students during this holiday season and you for sure can tell. This will not be an event that anyone will want to miss, and it is on the weekend so people are able to take a break from studying, writing papers, and working on projects to celebrate each other really.

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