Monday, December 3

Today is officially the beginning of the last week for school. This is getting a little stressful because I feel like I have a lot of studying to do before finals. Some of my lab practicals are going to start this week. I have made a study guide for them already, and just need some more studying now. Last Saturday was the Day of Celebration. There were some great shows, and many varieties of food from different cultures. My favorite parts were the fashion show and the Indian dances - I also loved the food there. It is great that Diversity clubs are able to put this event together so that we have the opportunity to experience different things and cultures within our college.

Back to this week, although I know I am going to have lots of studying to do, I am still going to some campus activities because they sound very interesting. I want to go to the Pinterest live DIY crafting this Tuesday night because I love Pinterest. On Wednesday night, there is going to be Double Dare 2000! This is an activity that is hosted by SAB (Student Activities Board). There are going to be two teams battling through slime and chocolate pudding for $1,000 in prizes! Anyone could be the winner, so I am very excited for this.

Melody :)

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