Monday, December 3

Parent’s Night Out

I volunteered last week with Education majors at CP Rochester to give parents a night to relax, maybe buy some Christmas gifts or whatever they so chose to do. They had asked members of a club that I am involved in, SWAV or Students with a Vision, to gather some volunteers to go to CP Rochester and man a station that included crafts, reading, and other activities to keep the kids occupied throughout the evening. Going back to my own childhood, the theme of the night was Rainbow Fish, which added to the fun and excitement of the event for everyone including the kids and fellow volunteers. I personally worked with a student in the St. John Fisher Pharmacy School graduate program at the art station where we helped the kids color pictures of Rainbow Fish and for the older kids we helped them to make Rainbow Fish out of CDs and colorful beads. I don’t know who loved this activity more me or them! I got to meet some amazing kids that had a blast getting to know me as well. I find it very beneficial too that different parts of St. John Fisher College, including SWAV, Education majors, Pharmacy School students, Service Scholars, and First Generation students, to name the groups that I knew about rallied up together to support such a great event like this. Community service unites the campus just as much as it improves the quality of the students, faculty, and staff.


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