Tuesday, December 4

Another jam packed Tuesday is upon us. As usual, I have all the classes of a Tuesday, but today I get the added sense of urgency. As my peers have mentioned, this is our last week of classes. This means that everything is due, and it is due very soon. For example: due Thursday I have 2 portfolios, 1 project and a unit plan. During finals next week, I have another project due and two short finals. One of the benefits and/or burdens of being an Education major means that, for the most part, you almost never have finals. Instead, you have portfolios and projects that go throughout the entire semester and are cumulative at the end. That's the boat I'm sailing in right now. The two finals I have are for content-area courses and will be fairly brief, and I probably won't stress too much over them. However, despite the level of difficulty, it's always important to be sure you are fully prepared for any college-level exam. As per the portfolios and projects, these have required a lot of time management and steady work over the course of the semester. Without a lot of the time management skills I've learned in my three years at Fisher, these would prove to be more cumbersome, but Fisher has prepared me. I know I can get through this week; it'll take time, hard work and perseverance but thanks to the support I have here at Fisher, I know I can do it.


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