Friday, November 16

Hi everyone,

If you constantly stress over upcoming exams, then you will understand how I felt this week. I had a chemistry exam on Wednesday and nutrition exam on Thursday. I was anxious since the beginning of this week, even though I understood the material pretty well. I think I did well on both tests and now I am just waiting for the test scores to come out. It always feels great to know that I will not have any exams coming up soon. Also, I just realized that today is Friday, which means I can relax without thinking about tests. So I am planning to go the see the play "Little Shop of Horrors" which is going to be performed by Fisher Players. This play is a rock comedy horror musical about a strange but interesting plant named "Audrey II.” This plant has attracted a lot of customers to the flower shop. However, the owner then found out that Audrey II had an appetite for human blood. This play sounds fascinating to me already and I can’t wait to watch it tonight.


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