Friday, November 16

Today was a pretty relaxed day. My favorite part about college is the amount of choice you have in what you do, except it can also be a nuisance depending on what you choose. The biggest transition from high school to college is the schedule. In high school your schedule is more or less the same every day and every year. In college it changes drastically. I only have 2 hours of class today so it’s very light. There is so much more free time in college because you choose what you’re doing. From when you wake up until you go to bed is time that you get to fill. Some of it will be class, some of it may be working, some will be studying, or any of the other responsibilities you have, but for the most part it’s all free time that you get to choose. You choose if you want to work 20 hours a week, 5 hours a week, or no hours a week. You choose if you want to take 19 credit hours, 15 credit hours, or 12 credit hours. You get so many options about what is going on in your life than you ever had before. It can be a great experience or a tremendous trap, all depending on how you use it!


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