Friday, November 9

Hi everyone,

This week has been such an intense week. First of all, almost everyone in the U.S was nervous about the election this Tuesday. I had dance practice for the club Arts In Motion (AIM) that night. (AIM is a dance club that performs mostly hip-pop, modern, and is also open to any other kinds of dances) Everyone was freaking out about who was going to be the president. Some of us were constantly checking on our phones to see who had the most number of the votes. Well, somehow, I am glad it is over because everyone’s Facebook, Twitter are bloated with posts about the election.

Today, everything is back to normal. I had a couple classes in the morning as usual. I am planning to go to the Blackout Dance with couple of my friends at 8:00pm tonight (located in Michaelhouse Performing Arts Studio). We will be the first one to be there because the first 200 people will get free t-shirts!


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