Friday, November 9

The Most Amazing Thing: Hypnosis

St. John Fisher College brings some of the best groups, activities, acts to campus; they are better than I ever imagined a college to be able to coordinate. Some of the events that I have attended in the past that rank as my top experiences include the folk group EllenOwen, going white water rafting at Letchworth State Park, going on a ghost hunt with a past star of Ghost Hunters International, and of course BINGO! All of these trips and groups are either free for students or if it is an off campus event then of little cost at all compared to what it would total if I was not a St. John Fisher College student.

This past week I went to an event that ranks above all else so far in my two years here, and it was a hypnotist's show. I had been to hypnotists before even in High School, but this man definitely won entertainer of the year in 2011 for a reason; I found out why, He differed from previous hypnotists that I had seen in the past, because he used different scenarios and activities that I had not seen over and over again. For example, he took someone’s belt and made everyone believe that it was a snake! The people or the participants I should say were absolutely terrified of this thing! The fear was like nothing I had ever seen in person, because from what I saw it was only a belt. That is not even some of his best work, but of course I cannot give away everything. At the end of the show, maybe not the funniest part but definitely the part that shows a practical side to hypnosis, was that before he woke these participants out of their trance he told them that every time they look in the mirror they would love themselves more and more. Since finals are coming up soon he told them to have more confidence in their work as well as more motivation.

The power of the mind is amazing, and in this case the hypnotist showed the therapeutic side and the entertainment side of the mind. I am so jealous now that I was not one of these participants! Thank goodness St. John Fisher College brings these acts on to campus more than once a year; next time I will jump at the opportunity. :)

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