Monday, November 26

Welcome Back!

Today is the first day back from Thanksgiving break, and even though finals are quickly approaching I am happy to be here. Here is where I can get my work done, hang out with good people, and prepare to end the semester on a positive note! Being home is always a plus, but here is my home too. There are loose odds and ends with clubs, projects, papers, and exams that tend to add up over time, but St. John Fisher is prepared to fight the stress with us. They are already getting spa days ready, planning to bring animals for us to pet and play with, and if I remember this time of year last year correctly many more events are bound to come out as well.

With the end of the semester also comes my realization that I will not be here next semester but in Ireland studying abroad. St. John Fisher College and Dr. Costello, the director of the Foreign Study program, have done a wonderful job working with us through the process and offering advice for the things we have to do on our own. Some of these things are items that I would never have ever realized or thought of until I was at the University of Limerick! She even discussed with all of the students studying abroad how to deal with homesickness and missing the United States. I appreciated this, because now I have gotten the idea for Christmas presents and the idea to write letters to the people closest to me that I know will be affected by my leaving. All of these things make the process and studying abroad in the spring even more enjoyable and exciting.

It really is amazing how quickly the semester goes by when you mix work with the fun the St. John Fisher College offers too. I feel like I blinked and I went from Freshman Orientation Weekend to writing this very blog.


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