Thursday, December 13

Double Dare 2000

Ever watched Double Dare 2000 on TV? Well, St. John Fisher College brought their own version to campus. I participated, oh and my team won too! Thanks to the Student Activities Board or SAB students were able to watch and participate in trivia questions, a huge blow up obstacle course race, and my favorite part getting really messy with pies, shaving cream, and squirt guns to name a few of the challenges. If you have never seen this show before I would recommend looking it up, because then you can get a sense of how awesome/funny/exciting this event was for everyone. Afterwards the winning team was able to pick out from a range of gift cards that they could each take with them. SAB always has awesome prizes for their members and the people that participate in their events. Also, as an intermission to this event SAB held their BUCK auction, which is the opportunity for people to participate in an auction for more amazing prizes (Call of Duty Black Ops, Vera Bradley, movie pack, food pack, gift cards, etc.) with the coupons that they earn for each SAB event that they go to. Everyone really won both the prizes that they received and the fun that they had! This is just one of the cool, different, and fun events that not only SAB brings to campus for students but many other clubs do as well, like the Student Government Association, Res Life, and Commuter Council. There is always something to do for everyone!

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