Thursday, December 13

Adventures in the Rochester Area

Being my last weekend at St. John Fisher College’s campus before I study abroad in Limerick, Ireland in the spring I decided that my friends and I should go out and explore more of what Rochester has to offer together. It is also a great way to relieve some stress before finals. Anyway, so of course my favorite place in the world to go is the zoo, so that was how we decided to spend the day! Zoos I found out really appreciate when people visit in the winter, because that is not when they are most busy. They hurt in the winter due to the decrease in visitors. I will let you in on a big secret though, and that is that the winter is the BEST time to visit the zoo. The animals are very active, because it’s not as hot and there are not as many people tiring them out. So low and behold we had an amazing time at the Seneca Park Zoo in the older part of the zoo with the orangutans, rhinos, wolves, etc. and in the new part of the zoo (The African Safari) with the lions, fake tour bus, elephants, and baboons too. I love that St. John Fisher College is in the middle or close to so many off campus activities too, like the Seneca Park Zoo!


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