Wednesday, December 12

As I talked about yesterday, it's finals week here at Fisher. There isn't a whole lot going on around campus outside of the tests. Although it appears to be this way, walk into any area with a table or computer and you will find dozens of dozens of people studying for their finals. These locations can be found at several different places across campus. One of the most populated of them being our Lavery Library. We have a three-floor library. The main floor has brand new computer work stations, and plenty of space to study/work with groups. Downstairs, there are more options for group tables as well as a computer lab. On the top floor is a great spot for individual studying, with study rooms and an atmosphere we call the "quiet floor". Besides the library, most of the residence halls have computer labs/study areas to work in. There is an entire floor of Kearney Hall (an academic building) as well as lab stations throughout other buildings. The hidden gems throughout campus are also utilized by many students. So, if you have studying or work that needs to be done at Fisher, we have so many resources for you to take advantage of.


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