Wednesday, March 25

Spring Event Madness!

Hello everyone! 

Tomorrow is Spring Event and comedian Stephen Lynch will be coming to Fisher tomorrow night! We are so excited to have him come, he is absolutely hysterical. Tickets were only $8 for Fisher students with their ID's so that generated a lot of ticket sales. Anyone without a Fisher ID had to pay $20.
I am on the committee so all of us will be working around the clock tomorrow to set up the stage and make sure everything is ready! Being on the committee has been a lot of fun. We got to pick who we wanted, work on advertisements, design t-shirts, talk to Stephen Lynch's managers about specific details and so much more. It's a great committee to get involved in if you like event planning or even if you're interested in music or comedy. 

Other years artists:
2008 - Cartel
2007 - Lewis Black
2006 - Gavin Degraw

If you live in the area you should come! Show starts at 9:00pm! I'll try and get some good pictures or videos to post after the show! 


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