Wednesday, September 9

Week One

Hello Again!

Classes are now in full swing at St. John Fisher College. My schedule this semester is pretty open so I’ve only had one class so far, which was drawing. So far so good. We drew a sunflower in class and had to write about some of our favorite and least favorite things, including summer jobs, vacation spots, etc. I picked up my art supplies and am on a search of campus for a tree that has some of its roots exposed because our homework for next week is to observe and draw the base of a tree with roots…it should be interesting.

I have a class at 2:30 today, Broadcast: History and Development. I don’t know how I’m going to like this class since I’m not into the broadcasting aspect of Communication/Journalism that much but I have to take it for my major. After that class I have my peer advising seminar class from 4-5pm. I’m teaching two freshmen seminars with faculty members this year and a requirement is to take this other class so I can learn from my peers that are also teaching freshmen seminars and we can help each other with our experiences.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to my first class, History of the Holocaust. The professor is extremely smart, he graduated from either Yale or Harvard, and I know some people in my class so I’m excited. I’ve always enjoyed history so this class will relight my passion for learning about why and how things happened in the past.

I’m also getting ready for Fisher Players events coming up this year. We have our informational meeting on Thursday night so we can tell everyone what we have planned this year, which include the musical The Wedding Singer, The Vagina Monologues, our spring play, and murder mysteries. I am also working on my independent study for my art minor this semester which is directing the musical for Fisher Players.

HOMECOMING WEEK is this coming week so school is a buzz with clubs and organizations getting ready for all the events. The athletes are also practicing more vigorously so we can have a victorious week and weekend against our competitors. I’m so excited because I will be in one of the events exclusively, I will be sitting in a dunk tank for my peers at Fall Fest on 9/18.

Well I have some homework to do. Look for more updates soon!

Until I write again,


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