Wednesday, January 27

Another week has flown by!

Hello All!

This week has already been so busy. Fisher had its first Mr. Fisher contest on Friday, which was a great time. It was fun seeing all the guys perform all their talent portions of the show, everyone was so different! Saturday morning was super busy with volunteering. We hosted the poly hockey tournament for the Special Olympics in the SLC that morning like we usually do every year and despite how early in the morning it is, it's such an amazing opportunity. Fisher is great with the many options you have to volunteer. Our Service Learning program is constantly growing. Continuing on, Saturday night consisted of a crazy night at Commuter Council bowling. There were so many people there I couldn't get over it! Commuter Council holds bowling nights on a pretty regular basis, it's a great way to meet people on and off campus that you may not normally see.

In regards to the past few days they've been packed with meetings and Latin homework for me! LOL, speaking of, I hear some homework calling my name now...

Until next time,

<3 Nicole

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