Monday, January 25

Busy Busy Busy

This past week has been very busy for me! I had a lot going on between my classes, dance club starting up again, attending a student teaching meeting and having some fun! My classes this week were not that bad! I did not get a lot of work in them, so that made my weekend more relaxed! Dance Club started up again this week. Right now we are working on a dance that we will perform at the Teddi Dance in February. The Teddi Dance is a 24 hour dance that raises money for Camp Good Days. The Dance Club will dance at midnight, and we try to encourage and provide motivation to the people who are dancing to raise money! It is such a fun night and I am looking forward to it!

This weekend was a lot of fun! Friday night, the Commuter Council, put on a great event!! They held a bowling night at the local bowling alley. Fisher students paid $5.00, and were able to bowl 3 games and have pizza. It was so much fun!! It seemed as though our entire school was there!! I was able to bowl and see all my friends who I do not get a chance to see during the week! This event seems to grow each time the Commuter Council holds it! On Saturday, I attended the Fisher vs. University of Rochester Courage Cup hockey game. This was the first Courage Cup game. In the fall, Fisher and University of Rochester football teams play against each other in the Courage Bowl. This is a game where all the money goes to Camp Good Days. The hockey team this year decided to hold a game against University of Rochester and all the money would go to support Teddi! This game was a lot of fun! Lots of Fisher students came to the game to support our team!! It was an intense game, but in the end, Fisher did win!!

This week I will be busy with my classes, dance club, and working open house this Saturday! Oh, and one more thing. One month from today I will be on spring break…not that I am counting or anything! : )


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