Thursday, January 14

Back at it!

Well I made it back to Rochester okay on Tuesday and 2nd semester classes started yesterday. I have finally finished unpacking and reorganizing my room and belongings for a fresh start! It was nice to see my roommates again and to see how everyone’s break was. On Wednesday, I began my classes at 8:00am. Now, 8:00 class is not always a fun time to have a class, but I think I will enjoy this one especially since my teacher brought us breakfast on the first day!! That is always a plus!! I had two classes on Wednesday, one was an intermediate literacy class and the other one was a computer class. Both classes seemed interesting, so hopefully I will enjoy them! After I finished classes on Wednesday, I went to work in Admissions. Later in the evening, the dorm I live in had a floor meeting. This is where all the residents meet and the Resident Assistants tell us information for the upcoming semester. The "RAs" just reminded us about some rules and upcoming events.

Today I was lucky and got to sleep in a little bit because I only had one class, which started at 11:00. I spent the afternoon getting my books and starting to do some reading for some of my classes. Tonight my friends and I are all watching our newest favorite show, Jersey Shore! I like the beginning of the semester because you do not have too much work so you have time to relax and watch a little TV! Things are slow right now, but I know within two weeks I will be very busy once again!


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