Monday, January 18

First Weekend Back!

Well, the first few days of classes were not that bad, but I definitely was looking forward to the weekend! On Saturday, I spent the day buying textbooks and organizing my binders and notebooks for my classes. One nice thing that the bookstore here at Fisher offers is that the store allows you to pre-order your textbooks before the semester starts. You go onto the website, select what books you need, and the bookstore finds the books and has them waiting for you. This is nice because you don't have to worry about searching for the books on your own. I also did have some work to do for my classes, so I got a head start on readings for next week. I figured I might as well get ahead on the work while I can!! Saturday night, my friend who just graduated from Fisher in May and now attends Grad School in Pennsylvania, was up here in Rochester visiting for the weekend so I went out with her! It was nice to visit with her because both of us are really busy with school, so we do not always get a chance to talk! On Sunday, I went to brunch with my friends and then spent the day doing some homework. The weekends always go by sooo fast, and before you know it, it is Monday and time to begin the week!

So far today I have had a relaxing day! Since it is Martin Luther King Jr. day, some classes were canceled because there was a celebration in his honor today. One of my classes was canceled, so I got up this morning and went to the gym. I really like the fitness center here because the equipment is really nice and I love how there are flat screen TVs to watch while you work out! After that, I went to lunch with my friends and went to work in Admissions! I have one new class tonight from 5:00-8:05, and then off to dance I go!! Tonight we have our first spring semester dance practice, which I am looking forward to! After that I will sit down and watch one of my favorite TV shows, The Bachelor!! This is the first full week of classes, so I am happy to get back on a set schedule!

Well that’s all for now!! Talk to you next week!!

Brittany : )

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