Thursday, January 14

Spring Semester Starts!!!

Hello All!

I can’t believe the semester came and went and we’re already in the second one! I had about a week off for break to spend back home in Buffalo then I went on my Europe trip! It was amazing and honestly if I can recommend one thing in college that is to travel! We have a great study abroad program here at Fisher that allows you to go for a semester or just summer depending on your program choice. I have a lot of friends who have gone through with the program and have LOVEDDD it!! Or even if you get the chance, travel on your own with friends!! It’s so amazing learning about other cultures and meeting new people. If anything, after all, that’s what college is all about-learning new things, what you like and don’t like and most of all who you are/going to be. But back to reality…Around here everyone seems to be getting ready for the semester. Everywhere I go I see boxes of Barnes and Noble books and people moving their belongings back into their rooms. It was the first official day of classes today and luckily I only had one but tomorrow is my busy day where I have 3 so we shall see what the day brings! The beauty of college is being able to make your own schedule!!! Well I better get back to my work! (I’m totally procrastinating in the library right now on my MacBook loll) And if you get a chance check out Fisher’s Study abroad link, worth it I’m telling you!!!)


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