Friday, January 29


Hey everyone, my name is Matt, and I was recently hired as an RA for the spring semester for my very first time. Let me tell you one thing, when I knew I had to come back a week earlier, I thought it was the worst thing possible that could happen to me. However, once I got settled into my room, I thought to myself that maybe it isn’t all that bad. Why, you ask? Well, I didn’t have to worry about meetings, classes, homework, or projects. It was somewhat like I was still on break having no responsibilities but setting my alarm to make sure I woke up in the morning. But, training now, is completely behind me.

Now, once everyone got back, it was a bit nerve racking because I didn’t know any of my residents, nor did I know anyone in my entire building (besides my staff). But, as the second and third weeks of classes are underway, boy am I glad I was placed in Haffey Hall. My residents, staff and other students on other floors are nothing but nice, friendly and enthusiastic. Also, for the first time of being an RA, there does come a lot of responsibilities, which is why when and if you chose to apply for the position, you need to have great time management skills. Trust me though, the position does not take up your life, so you don’t have to worry about that. So I hope that, after reading this, you consider applying for the position of a Resident Assistant. Even though it was nerve racking for me at first, you really do meet a great bunch of people, get to participate in different (cool) things throughout the year and you get to have your own room! So,

I hope to see some of you in interviews, but until next time, this has been Matt.

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