Wednesday, February 3

Baking Fiasco!!!

Hello All!

Well another productive week at Fisher has come and gone. Overall it was a pretty normal week for me, nothing too crazy. It was my friend’s 21st birthday so we baked him a cake in my residence hall kitchen this weekend. That was fun, lol. That was one of the few times I baked and after that night I understood why. Its not that we don’t have a nice facility, because we do, its because I went to the store-bought the cake mix along with sprinkles and everything but forgot to look at the back of the box hahaha I had to go back out to the store and get the ingredients I forgot! Ya know, eggs, oil etc those are all kind of important in baking a cake…I’m such a goof! Anyways, besides my baking fiasco, I had duty this weekend since I am a Resident Assistant. I love it, I really can’t complain because I work with great people and have awesome residents!!
Speaking of, I am totally pumped for our Superbowl party next week! We’re having it in our lounge in the residence hall with the game playing on a projection screen! Plus we ordered chicken wings from area vendors so were going to have a chicken wing tasting and raffle prizes. All proceeds from extra raffle tickets will go to Haiti! So it’ll be a good time and for a good cause!

I also relaxed this weekend with my friend at Panera. It’s awesome being at Fisher, but now and then its nice to get off campus. That’s why I am so grateful we have stuff nearby to go to and we have free transportation through Student Government! This week shouldn’t be too busy, besides Thursday, my Mom is actually coming up for a visit lol so were going to get a pedicure at my favorite salon here in Pittsford then going to Cheesecake Factory..mmmm…cant wait! Well until next time!...


PS I finally uploaded pictures from Europe! Take a look! The two people you see in the pictures with me are fellow political science majors and friends of mine-Jim and Eddie.

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